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What if I’m not sure about the answer?

First of all, don’t panic. If you didn’t get the answers right 100%, your CO2 values will not suddenly go through the roof due to that one answer. We ask you these questions to just give you a first impression of your ecological footprint. The more you start using the app, the more accurate your footprint will become.

Oops, I forgot my password

No problemo. Just click “Forgotten password” and you will receive an e-mail to reset your password.


What’s that coloured circle?

That’s your CO2 meter. Is it showing red? You’ve guessed it, you’ll need to take it up a notch. Are you staying in the green zone? Then keep it going! The grey line indicates the total CO2 value (food, energy and transport combined) you should not exceed. It coincides with the European climate goal per inhabitant. The whole of Europe needs to reduce its CO2 measured in 1990 with 40% by 2030.

Where does the CO2 value on my Wall come from?

It represents your total CO2 emissions from the current week. You will notice that the CO2 value increases throughout the week. On Monday you can start afresh. This value is calculated based on your average emission from last week and your input during the current week (tracked transport, answers to food questions and meter readings).

What do the planets on my Wall represent?

They indicate how many times you need our planet, if the whole world population lived like you. We take your ecological footprint and then multiply it with the number of people in the world.

How can I share tips or other information on my Wall?

You can share tips or information from your Wall by clicking on the share icon on the right-hand side. Next, you can choose via which channel you want to send it.


How is my transport registered?

The automatic tracker takes care of that. The tracker combines all sorts of data (like GPS data, data coming from accelerators, …) to check how you are getting around. It detects whether you’re walking, cycling, driving, taking public transport or flying. So you don’t have to enter any transport data yourself once you are registered.

My transport wasn't registered correctly

Your modes of transport are detected with advanced technology making use of all sorts of data. But errors are unavoidable. The app and tracking technology are very efficient but not perfect. Are you stuck in a traffic jam and moving really slowly? Or cycling at the speed of light? As you can understand, it’s sometimes hard for the system to detect the correct mode of transport. We can currently register more than 90% of your transport correctly.

The most common causes for incorrect transport registrations are:

  • Your mobile’s sensors are not working optimally
  • You mobile has poor internet connection
  • Your mobile is not giving access to location tracking
  • The user hasn’t given the app access
  • Our tracking software cannot detect very specific locations

How can I ensure the best possible transport tracking?

You can take these steps to get the best possible transport tracking:

  • Grant the app the required access
  • Have your GPS on at all times
  • Connect regularly to wifi
  • Use airplane mode as little as possible
  • Send us your feedback via our “Report a problem” page

Does the tracker use a lot of battery?

The battery usage has been optimized to keep it to a minimum. All time-consuming adaptations and calculations happen offline. But of course, it does use a bit of battery, just as any app using tracking technology does.

Can I indicate I’m carpooling?

Not yet. Tracking carpooling automatically is very complex. That technology is still being developed.


How is my food’s footprint calculated?

Our CO2 advice agencies Ecolife and CO2 Logic have calculated the CO2 of a whole lot of food articles. Based on your answers to our food questions, we can calculate your total food footprint. With each answer you find out whether you are doing better or worse compared to an average food profile (+ of – XX kg CO2).


Can I enter new meter readings if I move or change meters?

Yes, in your Profile (icon in the top right corner) you can click “Reset meter readings” in the Energy part. Afterwards, you can add new meter readings on your energy screen using the + button. You have to switch to the Footprint tab > Energy.


What do the graphs represent?

Here you can check how you have been progressing in terms of transport, energy and food. You can go to a more detailed screen and compare the impact of the different modes of transport you used, your consumption of food, drinks and packaging and the CO2 of your different energy sources. You can filter on weeks and months.


Can I still change the data I entered at the start?

You can still change your personal data, reset your meter readings, indicate you have switched to green or grey power and change vehicles. You cannot change the rest of the data but these will get updated quickly based on your transport, the meter readings you enter and the food questions you answer. The more you make use of the app, the more accurate your profile will become.

Favorite items

Where can I find the tips, reports and information I liked?

You can retrieve them by clicking on the heart symbol at the top right corner of your Wall.


What’s a Challenge?

With a Challenge you can reduce your footprint with a group of people. A Challenge is usually a paying service but if you are invited to participate in a Challenge, it’s completely free. Would you like to start a Challenge with your colleagues?

Send an e-mail to


What’s an ecological footprint?

An ecological footprint is the amount of land you need to produce what you need and to absorb the CO2 you emit. Simply put, it’s what you need in terms of land surface to live.

Where does the number of the climate goal come from?

Our CO2 advice agency CO2 Logic calculated how big our CO2 footprint can be if we want to reduce our footprint of 1990 with 40% by 2030. We can emit up to 133 kg CO2 per week maximum.

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