Do the Team Challenge

Competition drives performance.
So, challenge others for the lowest ecological footprint
and become a more sustainable community or company.
It’s real fun.

What Challenge?

Again it’s really simple.
You form a team and compete against another team, within your community or company. Whoever is the most sustainable wins.

For instance:  your team decides to have vegetarian lunch from now on. Let your opponents show what they are worth. Will they beat you be taking the train to work?
Find out, track your progress, follow tips, earn badges.

Of course, the environment always wins. But hey, great to finally beat the bunch from sales, right?

After all, if it isn’t fun, it isn’t sustainable.

“I was amazed to see how much impact we could have on our ecological footprint with the For Good app.”

Manager MODIS for Adecco

For Good Team Challenges are good for:

The environment

First of all, you’re improving your immediate environment by lowering your carbon footprint. Simple as that. 

Your budget

Less company cars, lower travel allowance, reduced energy consumption: a sustainable workforce saves your company money.
You will also have less sick days. Because sustainable living is healthy living.

The Team

Nothing better for the team spirit than healthy competition. A football poll is great, a For Good Challenge is better. Work towards a bigger goal, transcend departments, and improve communication company-wide. 

Employee engagement

Become sustainable bottom-up. Give your employees  a say in your sustainability policy with the For Good Challenge. Because more engagement produces better results

Your image

You want others to know you take your Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. The Challenge will definitely help you attain sustainability targets and standards.

CO2 Calculator

people x 6 months Challenge =

20 kg CO2 you save

Your footprint together is 10 planets smaller

Equal to saving 10 km by car

Or 10 cars you take off the road for 1 day

Or the amount of CO2 that 10 trees can absorb per month

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