Up for a Challenge?

Take on the Challenge with your company and aspire to a green enterprise.

What Challenge?

For 6 months you will be competing with your own team against other teams to obtain the lowest ecological footprint. The app follows up on your progress and offers you tips along the way. But there’s more, you can also boost your results by taking on extra missions. Walk 10km? An extra badge. Using public transport 5 times? An extra badge. Eat vegetarian? You’ve guessed it, you can score another badge.

During the challenge you can keep up with your own progress in the rankings and compare it with your opponents. The winners? They get a COcertificate. But the most important thing is what you have achieved together: a more sustainable work environment.

You can start a Challenge from 10.000 euros per year.

“I was amazed to see how much impact we could have on our ecological footprint with the For Good app.”

Manager MODIS for Adecco

Why do a Challenge?


Good For the environment

First of all, you’re improving your immediate environment by emitting less CO2. Turning your enterprise into a green workplace thanks to a few adjustments? Yes, please!


Good For your budget

If your employees live more sustainably, it saves your company money. Less company vehicles. Less traffic. A reduced energy consumption. Things you notice. And employees who are more active – i.e. cycling and walking more – take less sick days. A win-win!


Good For the team spirit

It rings true: launch a competition in the workplace and the team spirit increases. If your employees compete with one another playing Pokémon Go, why wouldn’t they in a For Good Challenge? And because you’re all together working towards a bigger goal, you are transcending departments and people start communicating more closely.


Good For employee engagement

A green enterprise is not only created at the top. By doing a Challenge you make sure employees have a say in your sustainability policy. And that works. More engagement produces better results


Good For your image

A company that invests in the environment, is a popular company.

What’s more, the For Good Challenge also helps attaining certain sustainability targets and standards.

CO2 Calculator

people x 6 months Challenge =

20kg CO2 you save

Your footprint together is 10 planets smaller

Equal to saving 10 km by car

Or 10 cars you take off the road for 1 day

Or the amount of CO2 that 10 trees can absorb per month

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