The app that measures and compensates your
ecological footprint

An app that measures and compensates your ecological footprint, wouldn’t that come in handy? Discover For Good and start living a carbon neutral live!

Small step, Big deal.

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What is it Good For?

Our ecological footprint is too big. How big exactly? No idea. What can we do about it? No idea… With For Good you can get a clear answer. The app calculates and compensates your ecological footprint.

Companies can take it one step further with the For Good Challenge. By spurring competition, all your employees will jump on board for green policies. Good For the team spirit, and Good For the environment.

Want to do some good?

You’re only 4 steps away from living CO2 neutral. Download the app and subscribe today!

Measure your ecological footprint with the For Good app

Ok, so you know that riding your bicycle to the supermarket is better than driving your car. But if you are cycling to buy lots of meat, are you doing any better than your neighbour? He’s taking his car but buying vegetarian food. Find out a lot more about your footprint by answering a few questions and just following the automatically generated data. And check the tips to improve. Step by step, without too much effort. Because living sustainably is really not as hard as it seems.

CEO, university rector or HR manager?

Launch a Challenge and make a difference

After Pokémon Go and Farmville, now it’s time for a new, more relevant digital competition at work: the For Good Challenge. Reducing the ecological footprint of your company and your employees? Turn it into a competition and turn your workplace into a more sustainable environment, For Good.

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