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Measure your CO2 footprint and get insights and tips to reduce it. Step by step to zero carbon emissions. Download your personal companion !

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Offset your CO2 Footprint. Crowdfund forestation, wind & solar energy, cleaner cooking projects from as little as 5 EUR per month!

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Challenge your community or company, team up and reduce your footprint in a stimulating competition. Connect, have fun and maximise your impact !

How to stop global warming

We have to get to zero carbon emissions. Zero. And we don’t have much time to get there: 2050, but sooner is better. It is a daunting task. Together we can do it. What we need is actionable plans, that fit our personal lifestyle.
The good news: it is easier and more affordable to reduce your CO2 footprint than you might think. Let’s get to it!

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Why go with For Good

As CleanTech entrepreneurs, we have already saved millions of tons of CO2 through our previous ventures :,, We authored over 50 patents globally in AI and cleantech. We have been recognized by our customers and by some of cleantech’s most prestigious awards, including the S&P Platts Global Energy, GTM Grid Edge Innovation, Navigant Leader, BNEF and Ecosummit Awards.

The ForGood app helps you to reduce your CO2 Footprint by asking specific questions

How Does It Work?

Electric driving, a heat pump or solar panels? There are plenty of options. But which one is right for you and how do you really make an impact? Easily measure your CO2 emissions and get advice that suits your situation:

  • Download the app
  • Answer a few questions and discover your current CO2 footprint
  • Receive personal advice and reduce your CO2 footprint
  • Prefer to compensate? We help you make a choice
  • Satisfied and motivated? Take the next step
  • Step by step to zero

Launch a Challenge

For Good for Your Community and Company

We can stop global warming if we work together as a community, locally and worldwide. Sign up for the ForGood Team Challenge and participate in a stimulating competition. Let’s motivate each other in our path to zero.

Reduce your CO2 Footprint and Challenge others
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