Start living a 100% CO2 neutral life with For Good

Geplaatst op 10 October 2018


We have good news!
You can now become 100% CO2 neutral via your For Good account! Easy and official. How does it work? It starts by downloading the For Good app so it can give you an overview of your footprint based on your mobility, energy and food consumption. While giving you tips on how to reduce it step by step.

Your footprint is expressed in planets and at the end of every week we look at your carbon balance. The CO2 levels that exceed what 1 planet earth can absorb are automatically compensated through a program of your choice. This is what is called ‘carbon offsetting’. As a result, you’ll live impact free… every week again. Zero CO2 going from you to future generations. How exciting is that?!

All CO2 offsetting will happen in collaboration with CO2logic, our friends and globally recognized partners in sustainability. First projects will be focusing on reducing deforestation in sub-Sahel Africa. Over time we will gradually expand the offering of certified programs. Do you prefer to become CO2 neutral by contributing to high-tech solar park development or supporting one of our school awareness projects? Up to you to decide what fits you best.

So, want to go CO2 neutral? Register now to our newest service and continue to make a difference!

The For Good team 😉